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Statement of the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission
on the Failure to Pass 9/11 Intelligence Reform Legislation

October 27, 2004

We are angry and saddened that the opportunity for significant reform of our country's intelligence structure has been squandered. We hold the following elected officials responsible for this failure: House Republican conferees Hoekstra, Hunter, Hyde, Sensenbrenner and Dreier; Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert; and the President of the United States, George W. Bush.

On September 11th, this administration and Congress failed to protect us. The 9/11 Commissioners concluded a critical factor in that failure was that no one was in charge of the intelligence community. And today, little has changed.

We began our quest for accountability and reform over 3 years ago, beginning with our demand for an independent commission. Once the Commission completed its work, we believed its recommendations would be swiftly implemented.. But as roadblocks emerged, the President never took time from his campaign to come to Washington himself to see this through. He has allowed members of his own party to derail the legislative process. America deserves better from its leaders.

Election Day is imminent. Now it's our turn. We will hold them accountable.