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FSC Statements May – September, 2004
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September 23, 2004  In Response to Kissinger's Testimony

...we respectfully disagree with Dr. Kissinger’s campaign to slow the process of creating a National Intelligence Director ...

Prior to 9/11, thirty-eight separate reform proposals were brought before Congress, none of which were enacted.

Nearly 3,000 people died on September 11th as a consequence of Congress’ failure to act ...

August 3, 2004   On the President’s Acceptance of the Recommendations

...We are hopeful that each Presidential Directive will establish strict deadlines for their complete implementation...

[Regarding the National Intelligence Director]... we respectfully request that President Bush clearly define the budgetary authorities and management capabilities of this new position.

July 26, 2004  The Final Report

The American people are demanding action in response to the 9/11 Commission's recommendations. They will not accept the fate of past Commissions, whose reforms were never implemented. Moreover, the 9/11 Commission's message – that national security issues are too important to be derailed by politics – is reverberating across the country.

July 20, 2004   Statement Regarding Final Report  (prior to its release)

While we believe that our concerns were acknowledged, we had also hoped that more of our questions and those of the American public would be fully addressed...Yet today, many of our collective questions remain unanswered.

June 28, 2004   Response to Daily Telegraph article

If we are to prevent another catastrophic attack, America cannot ignore the multiple failures within our national security system which facilitated the surprise attack.

Our military cannot correct the failures or close the security loopholes here in America. Those are internal problems. Americans must ask tough questions of our government officials about our domestic security prior to and on September 11th. ...The answers are critical to an analysis of transmittal problems in the intelligence stream which inhibited the flow of information from the top down and as well as within and between agencies. Such analysis is required if America is to devise an enhanced security network and strategy...

June 14, 2004  Statement on June 16 and June 17 Hearings

The 9/11 attacks occurred despite many warnings, some of which are only now being publicized. But even though there was a collective failure by those responsible for our national security to heed these warnings, our country should have been able to defend itself from an air attack. 9/11 was a massive defense failure. One cause may have been...

May 22, 2004  Letter to Mayor Giuliani

We are calling on you, Mayor Giuliani, to once again display the courage and leadership that you exhibited on 9/11. Instead attempting to deflect attention from the flaws in our national security system ...

May 11, 2004  Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

How could 19 middle-eastern men simultaneously hijack 4 commercial airplanes in two hours, crash them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and murder 3000 innocent people?...

Our research began with every agency and every policy that could possibly shed some light on why the tragedy of 9/11 was not averted. With each revelation and each new understanding, our naïveté waned and the challenges loomed large. The problems were systemic in nature.