Since May, 2003, the Family Steering Committee has issued formal statements related the 9/11 Independent Commission, its investigation and subsequent recommendations. Below are excerpts from each. Please click on the title to read the full document.

January 11, 2005  Final Statement of the Family Steering Committee

The signing of legislation implementing many of the 9/11 Commission recommendations represents a milestone for The Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission (FSC). The passage of this legislation is the culmination of the efforts of the FSC and the other family members who worked with us; the 9/11 Commission; the members of Congress who sponsored the bill; their staffs; the press whose coverage provided a conduit to the American people; and each and every person who wrote, called and faxed our elected officials on these issues.

December 14, 2005  FSC Statement on the Need for Congressional Oversight

With so much power concentrated in one position [the DNI], Congress must immediately move to streamline its oversight of our intelligence apparatus, thus eliminating the fractured, disorganized hodgepodge of committees which are currently responsible for oversight. Reorganization for the purpose of monitoring and assessing our intelligence network should be a priority in the new Congress. This is no time to be complacent.

December 9, 2004  Dear 9/11 Family Members, Friends, and Supporters

To each of you who stood with us and took action —Thank you!... Every fax, call, email and letter was important.

December 9, 2004   An Open Letter to Members of the 108th Congress

While we thank you for your work on this historic legislation, we must keep in mind that more work needs to be done. One critical issue is reorganizing Congress so our intelligence agencies will have the oversight required to ensure it is doing its job.

November 20, 2004  Statement on the Failure to Bring 9/11 Legislation to a Vote

It is unconscionable that the compromise 9/11 Intelligence reform bill, negotiated with the help of Speaker Hastert's own staff, and quickly approved by Senate conferees, will not go to the House floor fora vote as anticipated.

November 20, 2004   An Open Letter to the Members of the 108th Congress

The conferees have at last reached consensus on a bill that will implement the 9/11 Commission's recommendations. The agreement has been endorsed by the Commission and we strongly concur. We believe this legislation will make our country safer by improving communication, collaboration, and sharing of critical information within our intelligence community.

November 19, 2004   The Need for Consensus

Reps. Duncan Hunter and Jim Sensenbrenner must join the good-faith effort to reach agreement on this bill before it's too late. The safety and security of our nation rests in their hands, and in the hands of the President.

November 18, 2004   Congressional Responsibility

Recent news stories confirm that the intelligence community is in frightening disarray and yet members of Congress may head home without completing an intelligence reform bill based on the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. If that happens, it means members of Congress have shamefully abdicated their responsibility to the citizens who elected them.

November 8, 2004   Open Letter to the President and Conferees

Mr. President, in your acceptance speech, you spoke of unity. What better way to bring this nation and this Congress together, than by working in bipartisan fashion to successfully implement the intelligence reforms? Conferees, you must join the President in that bipartisan effort. Only then can Americans be assured that our government is doing everything in its power to keep us safe.

October 27, 2004   On the Failure to Pass 9/11 Intelligence Reform Legislation

We are angry and saddened that the opportunity for significant reform of our country's intelligence structure has been squandered. We hold the following elected officials responsible for this failure: House Republican conferees Hoekstra, Hunter, Hyde, Sensenbrenner and Dreier; Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert; and the President of the United States, George W. Bush.

October 25, 2004  Sounding an Alarm

We are sounding an alarm. The opportunity to strengthen our intelligence system is vanishing. After three years of effort, we are on the brink of failure. Despite nearly unanimous bipartisan support in the Senate and nearly half the House of Representatives, the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission will not become law before the election. And to our peril, they may never become law.

October 22, 2004  Where Is the President? The Country Needs a 9/11 Bill!

So it is now up to President Bush...We call upon him to get his House in order, and intercede with this maverick contingent of members of his own party who are impeding the process of making America safer. The American people entrusted the President with the responsibility to protect us and NOW is the time for him to show that he has earned that trust.

October 21, 2004  The Partisan Stalemate in 9/11 Bill Conference

Although 75% of the conferees ...are focused on the core recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, a minority faction comprised of House Republicans is thwarting the process. This is occurring despite Speaker Hastert's promise to us that the House would not derail final consensus.

October 20, 2004  An Open Letter to the President

This nation's faith in its leaders was shaken to the core on September 11th. Only you can restore it. You have a responsibility to the American people to see that this legislation is passed. If you speak, Congress will listen.

October 20, 2004  Regarding the Release of CIA Inspector General's Report

The Family Steering Committee is deeply disturbed to learn that an investigation of the CIA, conducted at the direction of the Joint House and Senate Congressional Intelligence Committees two years ago, has yet to be released — even though the report is not classified.

October 18, 2004   An Open letter to 9/11 Legislation Conferees

We call upon you to execute your responsibilities with great urgency and with the highest integrity by rising above politics, setting aside turf battles and resisting the comfort of the status quo.

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